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Denis J. Corr, PhD

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Dr. Denis Corr has over 35 years of experience in monitoring and solving air quality problems, as well as co-ordinating major responses to other public health issues. His experience ranges from laboratory and field-based technical science to Senior Management work. His diverse professional experiences include leading Emergency Response teams and resolving contentious multi-stakeholder issues. His major innovations include:

  • CPPR: an evolved decision-making system for groups and individuals
  • The Hamilton Air Quality Initiative, Clean Air Hamilton (UN award-winning program, "Best Practice Worldwide")
  • Improved Environmental Emergency Response protocols: Hagersville Tire Fire (1990), Plastimet Recycling Plant Fire (1997)
  • The Aerochamber: an aerosolized medication delivery system that transformed the use of metered dose inhalers
  • Redesigned Permit-to-Take-Water Program, Ministry of the Environment (Ontario)

Denis is also the Audit & Research Manager with Rotek Environmental, Inc. and has just completed a 13-year tenure as an Adjunct Professor with the Dept. of Engineering Physics at McMaster University.

About The Project

The objective of the project was to produce near real-time air pollution maps for Hamilton, Ontario that were based on mobile and stationary monitoring of air pollution concentrations. The intention of these maps is for general information for the public about the variation in Air Pollution Health Risk across Hamilton, Ontario.

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Denis Corr